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Proposal of new features

As someone who has held the position of website admin/moderator in the past, I can vouch that introducing new features or elements to a site can vastly improve the interest of visitors, by standing out from other sites of the same brand.
I would like to put forward a few ideas for the admins' consideration:

Article of the Month - A lot of websites and Wikis do this. With 2000+ articles on this Wiki, AotM could filter out the pages which are deemed "well edited", among the other pages which are incomplete or minuscule. How do the other sites choose their page? Is it down to a vote or a random selection from a list?
Chat sounds - I'm not sure whether this is possible, but I find it really tedious to be in the chat, open a new tab and browse from there, then check the chat 10 minutes later and realise I've missed a few paragraphs worth of conversation. So would it be possible to add a bleep for each message? From my experience, we don't have any regular spammers in the chat.
Unique Templates for users - This one seems the most probable. In the vein of the MLP wiki, could users have their own templates to list all their characters (be it, as part of a series or not)?
Edit: I realized that several users in fact use templates on their articles to discourage other potential editors. I suppose if a template on the top of an article is okay, the same can be said for the bottom of a page.

Category:Organizations - Following up to User:CoryCodeRed's proposal, I'd like to further encourage the addition of this category to the approved list.
Template:Fanon - It would be nice if a template existed for the articles based on canon, with the purpose being to denote user created content below said template. Let me know if this exists or not.
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