4th Marine Expeditionary Force 4th MEF Logo

  • Protect Celestina Empire interests and defend them.
  • Provide those with humanitarian aid.
 Notable members

Various members

 Official Motto
  • "Search Endless Fight Till We're Free!" (former motto; later reinstated)
  • "Fly Past The Edge of The Sea!"

The 4th Marine Expeditionary Force is a Marine Air Ground Task Force of the Amareican Marine Corps. It is composed of the 10th Marine Division, 10th Marine Aircraft Wing, and 10th Marine Logistics Group.



During the Crisis, Shermane and his friends were transferred to the Amareican Marine Corps in hopes of a new force. Shermane himself created the 10th Marine Division, the 10th Marine Aircraft Wing, and the 10th Marine Logistics Group. Due to this, Amareican President Sarah Pony (a parody of Sarah Palin) authorized the 4th MEF to be created.



Private Lila Flash

Although part of the Equestrian Defense Force though, she was also a friend of Shermane and he was her commanding officer. Also, she also assists him in an operation.

Master Sergeant Andrew Marston

Apparently a "rival" of Scarlet Manes Twilight Rangers, he seems to be friendly towards them.

Sergeant Tornado Hooves

Sergeant Tornado Hooves, who in a rivalry with Star Shermane, is always a friend of the 4th MEF despite the fact that he held Shermane in a rivalry.

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