Kind Unicorn
Sex Female
Occupation Armor smith
Eyes Purple
Mane Light purple (usually)
Coat Pale mustard
Nicknames Aggy
Relatives Tinpan Alley, Gold Ignot
Cutie mark
An agate with a ribbon
Voice Grey DeLisle
Owner The-Syreth-Clan
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Agate is female unicorn fan-character created by The Syreth Clan and is one of the main protagonists of the fanfiction: Bejeweled. She is Tinpan Alley's daughter and the son of Gold Ignot. Her two favourite to

ols of trade are her closest "friends" (or pets), Hamy the hammer, and Sissy, the small electronic circular saw, both of them often also used as musicial instruments as well. Her magicial abilities are average, aside the heat spell she uses to keep the metal hot she only uses her magic for holding or using items. She is also close friends with Fleur-Dis-Lee, Rarity, Shining Armor and many of the Royal Guards.


Agate was created on 2013 March 28, though the concept of her personality and the base of Bejeweled came much earlier. After many combinations of colors with her yellow, in the end the purple was chosen, despite all kinds of colors fit her and it was modified a lot, which gave the idea of her dyeing it.

The Syreth Clan creator used Roseluck's mane at first simply for color pattern testing purposes, but when it was time to come up with a new and original one it turned out this one is oddly the most fitting for her personality, so in the end, it stayed.

Her name was originally Emerald Spring when her mane was green, then as it changed to purple, her name changed to Amethyst Armor as well, but since that'd have imply a relationship with Shining Armor, it had to go as well. In the end, an infamous gemstone, agate was the final decision.

The first chapter of Bejeweled came out in 2014 April 11.

Deciption in the fanfiction


Early life

Agate was raised in Canterlot, by the model Tinpan Alley and the local smith, Gold Ignot. When she was small, however, the two divorced, leaving Agate alone with her mother, while her father disappeared from the capital. Agate was always given the best, most expensive things, for her mother wanted her to become just like her, a refined, hi-class lady. Agate however had already developed an affection to her father, thus when they broke up her hatred for her mother began to grow. She attended to Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, but was fired two years later due to bad grades, thus she was moved to Canterlot Primary School. From that point, the relationship with her mother and others just went downwards. Agate was loose, carefree and childish, unlike most of the other prim and proper canterlotians. Neither of them could stand each other, giving birth to even more hostility.

Bejeweled Cover

The cover of Bejeweled

The job

Later on, when she decided to follow her fathers job and not only create armors for the Royal Guards but also ones for other customers. Her mother gave up on her, only hoping that one day her daughter's mind will change and she will choose the path of the elite one day. Agate, however met the Royal Guards, who turned out to be just as loose and cool as her when not on duty, and she decided to hang with them for they also liked the fact that the new smith is actually a mare. Life however got its stamp on her, and evidently, it drove her to drink.

A new chance

One day, however, Fleur Dis Lee stepped in her life and when she made herself on the cover of a magazine with her custom armor, her business skyrocketed. Armors became the new hip and trendy, however, for only a very short period. Ponies began bringing back the products asking for a refund, for it was "too heavy and uncomfortable" for them. The smith refused to do so however, turning the entire capital against her and crushing her reputation completely. Fleur later on showed up once more at her, blaming herself for the incident. In the end, the two became best friends. Her dream is to move from Canterlot to Ponyville to continue what she began, however, she lacks of funds for a property there. But, she was given a chance to participate in a cooperative contest with the ponyvillian fashionista Rarity, a chance that can make this dream come true.


Agate has a coat of mustard yellow, whereas her mane is usually two shades of purple. She shares her mane and tail style with Roseluck, Heartstrings and Sparkler. Her cutie mark is a purple, polished gemstone with a magenta ribbon curled around it. Agate often dyes her mane out of fun or because she wants some change, but she keeps the style since its easy to set up, despite it usually is bit messy. Aside that, she is also seen wearing eyeshadows of a color that matches her mane, almost all the time.


Care- and thoughtlessness

Buying a birthday cake for Pinkie's birthday

Agate buying Pinkie's birthday cake from Pinkie herself.

For a canterlotian pony, Agate is surprisingly loose and careless. She doesn't care too much about personal appearance, her mane often set by her hooves, she doesn't use perfumes and the only makeup she wears are her eyeshadows. She is the kind of pony who just goes with the flow, and only minding the obstacles of life when they are up close. She usually shrugs off Rarity telling her off, or rolls her eye over the scolding. Despite that, she does learn from her mistakes.

In Adieu Canterlot she drops Rarity's luggages on the ground she held by her magic purely by accident, for she didn't remember which one was hers, "severly" damaging it. Later in the same chapter she brusts in Rarity's bathroom calling for her, but telling the seamstress that she didn't know she was there when being told off. In So... what's the plan? she wants to rip out the blueprint from Rarity's hoof, only to tear it in two by accident. Aside that, she is seen multiple times stopping in just the last moment before saying something she might regret.

Limited vocabulary

Agate is often seen running out of words, or not using them in the correct way. She often resorts to saying "stuff" instead, sometimes instantly, sometimes after a little time passed. She also speaks a bit "street-ish" as well instead of formal language. She doesn't use slurls, however. Agate tries her best to improve when necessary however, and she has the abilities needed as well, though isn't too keen on it.

Hatred towards fancy things

Agate despises almost everything that is fancy or high-class, which originates mostly from her boiling hatred towards Canterlot. Exceptions from this are the Royal Guards, the model Fleur-Dis-Lee, who helped her business launch off before it ploughed into the ground, and Rarity, for she "is different" and "is not afraid to get her hooves dirty". In A Day Off Rarity invites her to a spa but she grumpily refuses the offer at first because the outlandish things there, yet still accepting it when saying its going to be just a simple hot bath. She also often makes bad comments about the capital or its citizens, usually remarking the for her absurd behaviors or expensive products, services.

Emotional fragility

Despite the looks, Agate is actually very sensitive inside. It is not known wether Rarity is the cause or its generally this easy to crack up that hard shell of her soul, but it is heavily implied that Agate hadn't receive much kindness in her life and even small actions of generousity is able to open her towards others, even hi-class ponies like Fleur or Rarity. In Getting to Know You she was literally beggin for Rarity's help to work together in the contest, while in Manners Are What Matters she becomes sort of sad when Rarity criticizes her. In Independence: Finale, hearing the disheartening news from Fleur she drinks herself down until passing out in a local pub, with Rarity carrying her home later on. Upon finding her precious amulet broken by Rarity in What Friends Are For her heart also breaks quite visibly.

Kindness and Generousity

Once gained her trust, Agate is a friend who gives back more than what she recieved. It is unsure if she learned this from Rarity herself, but is the most likely out of all. In Getting to Know You she keeps thanking Fleur for her help despite Fleur states she already did that three times before. In What Friends Are For she promises Rarity not to sleep until she finishes her part of the project, which she spend the whole night upon doing.



Being an unicorn, Agate is able to carry and pick up objects using telekinesis. Her magic force is quite formidable, in Adieu Canterlot she is capable of carrying three full luggages for hours without difficulties, and in Independence: Finale she is able to carry two massage beds even, although with some struggling. Aside that, Agate's signature skill, that's also essential for her job is heat magic, that changes the rims in her horn to glowing white as the objects she focuses on starts to heat up. This however requires more power than what she can usually handle, and the smith can't take it longer than a five to ten seconds as seen in A Day off and Independence: Agate. This might be possible because she rarely used it, but the reason is not stated.

Mane Dyeing

Trying something different

Agate and Rarity with black manes.

Agate's small side hobby is dyeing hers other ponies' manes. She does it quite frequently, she even dyes hers and Rarity's mane jet black in So... What's the Plan?. The secret of her precision however are Ink Gems, special, rare jewels that have ink-like liquid stored inside and has the ability to change color of certain things with enough magical energy provided.


Just like Rarity, Agate also has the charm to turn stallions to her side, though she did not know about that until Rarity points out the potential in her body, and teaches her how to in What Friends Are For. Aside that, Agate also has a notable capability to eat a lot, many times its seen her obilerating food like crazy, in contrary to her friend taking only little bites.

Friends and Enemies


Perhaps her closest friend next to Fleur, Rarity and Agate meet face-to-face in a co-operative fashion contest for the first time, making her the second key character of Bejeweled. While Rarity and her don't get along very well in the beginning, after time Agate anknowledges the seamstress' leader role. Despite it is a forced move, for without her help, Agate would not be able to get out from Canterlot, the two still manages to grow together into a smashing duo. Agate states in Manners Are What Matters that she already has seen Rarity before in the Grand Gallopping Gala, however, which gave her an overall good impression towards her from the beginning. Rarity is sort of a semi-teacher for Agate, for the smith always wants to prove her abilities to her, in which she takes pride of upon success. Rarity (with the help of Octavia) teaches various things to her from proper posture to seduction.

During the story, Rarity and Agate are often compared to Yin and Yang, light and dark, or other things of clear contrasts, mostly because the two of them are just so different. In fact, in So.... What's he Plan? Rarity and Agate prank each other with Vampire and Werewolf costumes as a sign of contrast.


Agate's one of her closest friends, Fleur helped her business skyrocket, right before all her reputation, and her business smashed itself into the ground. However, her acts of kindness afterwards earned a place in the smith's heart. Fleur usually plays along with Agate's loose personality, in Getting to Know You they are seen doing a gentle hoof-pump even, though she isn't throwing any of her mannerisms and ego away, but Agate doesn't mind that either for some reason.

Fleur seem to know more than anypony else about Agate, she is seen somepony with much hidden wisdom and understanding in the story, despite her limited role.

Aloe and Lotus

Aloe and Lotus are Agate's second closest ponyvillian friend, introduced in A Day Off for the first time, in which they catch the smith's attention. Agate has a thing for twins and Lotus and Aloe are not exception. Because of the girls, she becomes intrigued towards the spa itself as well later on. After Aloe's treatment, she promises to return the kindness to the girls by helping them out during a crisis only she's capable to solve.

Fancy Pants

Fancy despises Agate, putting all the blame on her about the incident. He insists that Agate shouldn't have come up with this in the first place, in his mind, the whole armor-fashion business is just nonsensical. While he knows that his wife has some sort of minor friendship with Agate, he doesn't know that Fleur is actively helping her out.

Tinpan Alley and Belle Garde

Tinpan Alley is Agate's mother, who she hates with burning passion. She doesn't appear until the very end of the story, and not much is known of her either, other than she aimed at growing Agate into a lady for the sake of raising family income by hooking up a stallion. Her pla, however, have failed, and now she gave up on it, hoping her daughter will one day come to realization of what is good for her.

Belle Garde is mentioned less, all is known of her that she gave Agate a medallion before her moving to the workshop. Agate says she is kinder and more caring than her mother.


/!\ Coming soon... /!\


"Hey, girl! What's up?"

-An (Un)usual Monday Morning

"I'll bring all my stuff to you then. I might as well start packing up. Until then, why don't you walk around Canterlot and do some... stuff."

- Getting to know you

"Rarity... don't ever try to push me any closer to the canterlotians. They're disgusting."

- Manners are what Matters

"I thought that we should just draw a bunch of stuff and then choose our favorite."

- So... What's the Plan?

"Well I'm not going to get in with this fabric waste, you better forget about it."

- So... What's the Plan?

"Yeah, you know, I also think you're a really kind and wonderful pony inside, regardless that you enjoy doing the fancy stuff like those canterlotians. Being with you is much like being with Fleur, Rares. I feel like someone is caring about me, and listens to me, it feels so cool."

- Let's Become Ladies

"She looks totally like the other girl, but colors swapped. Even their cutie mark is the same. It's so cool."

- A Day Off

"Can I try the gas-cabin-like-thingy next?"

- A Day Off

"I was always expected to choose the best things, was treated like a princess just so I can get on well with the rich and raise the income of the family. You know what I mean."

- What Friends Are For


  • Rarity and Agate are often referred to as "Ivory mistress" and "Ebony mistress", a reference to the Voerman Sisters from the game "Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines".
    • Interestingly, however, the "Ivory princess" Jeanette had the personality of Agate, not Rarity, and vice versa, possibly another of the numerous contradictions based around the two of them.
  • Agate was to work with both clothes and armor at first, but it was scrapped due to making the whole teamwork look less necessary.


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