Alt is a human that takes the form of an Earth Pony initialy and later became a Pegasus. 


Alt in Equestia Girl Style

Alt as an Earth Pony

Alt Pegasus
Alt as a Pegasus

Kind Human/Pegasus (Originally an Earth Pony)
Sex Female (Pretending to be a male)
Eyes Blue
Mane Brown with a blonde streak
Cutie mark
Broken Bird Cage
Owner Aniju Aura


Alt as a human is a 13 year old girl who with blonde hair and blue eyes. She later had to dye her hair brown, however a streak of blonde began to seep through. 

As a pony, Alt originally was an Earth Pony but later earn her wings and her freedom and became a Pegasus. She has a sandy coat with brown hair and a streak of blonde. 


Alt lived with her family, her entire family, in a large three story house. Her room was on the far end. One day Alt got into a slight argument with a person online known as Ichigo1337. A few days later the military showed up at Alt's home and tried to shoot her through her window. She and her mother managed to get away safely. It turned otu Ichigo1337 had connections to the military and framed Alt, causing them to show up at her house. Her family tried to reason with the general, and managed to make a deal that if Alt stayed inside and never left her house for a full year they would let her go free. Alt traded rooms with one of her older cousins, it was more in the middle of the house and had only one tall windo. The room was very dark. After spending a few weeks inside, being home schools and watching the military soldiers march around her house outside, Alt became very depressed. Her mother came up with the idea to dye her hair brown and dress her as a boy, claiming Alt to be her twin brother. Alt didn't have a twin brother but the military did not know so she was able to fool them and leave her home for a brief moments. 

One day Alt encounter Collins and Hush Mouth went she was outside her home. They quickly became friends, not being from the planet, but another very similar. The two had to leave their planet, the home, behind and started to travel to other worlds. Collins was apart of a military group on his planet called the Monarchs, so he knew a bit about how the military worked. Together they played some tricks on the soldiers and gave Alt some company when her family was way. They told Alt about the other worlds they have visited. They took Alt to one of the planets they had visited and like the most, the planet that contained Equestria. There Alt was transformed into an Earth Pony. She enjoyed Equestria and her new found freedom. 


Pictures of Alt.


  • Alt is base off of a dream.

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