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"Making electronica music takes just as much time as learning a real instrument. I'm not lazy just because I love making electronica."
—Ambient Melody
Ambient Melody

Ambient Melody ID

Kind Earth Pony
Sex Female
Occupation Electronica music artist
Eyes Grayish arctic blue
Mane Moderate cornflower blue

Dark cornflower blue
Light cerulean
Moderate cornflower blue

Coat Light chartreuse greenish gray

Light gray (freckles)

Nicknames Ambient, Melody, Melly, AM
Relatives Unknown
Cutie mark
Ambient Melody's Cutie Mark

A teal-black gradient music note with a swish-like symbol

Voice TBA
Owner User:PastelKitty101

Ambient Melody is a light artichoke-colored earth pony born and raised in Ponyville. She is an electronica music artist who loves to make her own music. She is an Element of Hope and represents the Element of Inspiration.

Characteristics and Biography

Ambient Melody is skilled in making electronic music, from ambient, to DnB, to Hardstyle, to Speedcore. She is very famous around the pony electronica community, as her music is usually featuring in Vinyl Scratch's DJ sessions. She enjoys making electronica and likes listening to the different genres of electronica.

Despite her talent, she has ADHD, which means she has trouble paying attention and gets easily distracted. This is mainly a disadvantage as she mostly listens to music with her earbuds almost all the time, which gives ponies the impression that she's rude and doesn't listen to others.


Ambient Melody has a bit of a tomboyish and rebellious demeanor, as she barely ever listens to rules or authority and generally enjoys this that are associated with colts and stallions.

Due to her ADHD, Ambient Melody gets easily distracted and can sometimes accidentally "ignore" or miss what somepony said because of the fact that she listens to music all the time. She tries her best to listen, however, but to no avail.

Hence her element, she likes to inspire people to do this and make them feel better about themselves, especially to Pastel Sketch. In addition to this, she dislikes thief and copying due to the fact that she inspires creativity.


Ambient Melody is a light artichoke-colored earth pony with white freckles on her cheeks, top of muzzle, ears, and flank. Her mane is shoulder-length and is colored dull blue, light cyan, and dark blue. Her tail is the same colors and mid-length. Her eyes are a greenish-blue. She is the 2nd shortest out of all her friends, just a couple of inches above Gliding Wind. Her eyes are also Applejack-shaped.

For her accessories, Ambient wears black glasses, pale blue and light blue striped arm warmers, and earbuds.


Jasper Ember Quartz




Gliding Wind


Pastel Sketch

Since both of their elements fit with each other, they interact the most out of all the Elements of Hope. Without inspiration, Pastel Sketch wouldn't be able to be creative with her art. Without creativity, Ambient Melody won't be inspired to make her music. Ambient actually has a crush on Pastel Sketch, but since Pastel is a heterosexual, she knows it cannot happen.



Eris Equinox




Snowflake Obsidian



  • She was adopted from xiStarrle-x.
  • Ambient Melody has actually had her music copied a few times.