Anante is the second oldest child of Aniju and Dante and is featured in a short story title The Offspring.



Anante is a blue coated seapony, that can shift between a seapony and an Earth Pony, something common among seaponies. He didn't inherit Dante's hair style tha runs in the Royal Family, but has Aniju's white hair. In kelpie form, Anante has fins and a fish like tail, in both his forms he has catfish-like whiskers. Although he is the second older, he is more mature in nature than Danju. Anante is a bit of a clean freak and doesn't like to get dirty. He controls water and can comunicate with sea creatures. He generally wears blue. His favorite animal is a catfish though he is more associated with the kelpie or seahorse. He doesn't like pancakes from some reason but will eat waffles with honey. Anante uses a scythe as his main weapon of choice, but he also has a sword.

He gets along well with his three siblings. Altough Danju is older, Anante acts as the voice of reason. His younger brother Darwin sometimes teases Anante when he becomes dirty from gardening.

His Cutie Mark is a Kelpie.  
Ananta Seapony

Anante is Seapony Form


Anante's parents decided to take their four children to Equestria, Anante wasn't interested in the land ponies, but took well to the water. When his younger sister Vialli became depressed, Anante, along with Darwin, was summoned back by Danju to aid him in making her feel better.


  • Ananta's name, like Danju, is a combination of Aniju and Dante's names.

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