Andy normal
Kind Earth Pony
Sex Male
Occupation Hobby Shop Owner
Sweet Apple Acres Farmhand
Eyes Violet
Mane Brown
Coat Blue
Nicknames Andy-Boy
Relatives Parents
Katie (Twin Sister)
Younger Brother
Cutie mark
Unknown (Andy has an extremely rare medical condition that makes his cutie mark invisible)
Voice Andy Sammonds
Owner BNSF1995
 Andy is an Earth Pony and one of the main characters of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic According to BNSF1995. Andy is an Earth Pony who owns and runs the Ponyville Hobby Shop.



Andy, when extremely angered

Andy is usually a shy, meek, timid pony, similar to Fluttershy, who is just trying to find his way in the world. He believes that the entire world is out to get him, and no one would want to be friends with him. That is, until he moved to Ponyville. When he arrived, he gained alot of confidence after the whole Nightmare Moon ordeal. In the process, he revealed another side of himself: underneath his delicate exterior lies an extreme amount of anger and rage from years of being bullied. At its most extreme, Andy transforms into what he calls a "Giant Leviathan of Death" (basically, a monster the size of Godzilla with opposable thumbs).

Later on, it was revealed he is a major conspiracy theorist on par with Dale Gribble, believing Princess Celestia is involved in the New World Order, Nightmare Moon was nothing more than a false flag attack in order to get an excuse to use weapons of mass destruction (the Elements of Harmony), the Crystal Kingdom is nothing but a false front to lure King Sombra away from Canterlot, and Twilight Sparkle is a government agent sent to spy on the potentially dissentful elements of Ponyville.

Andy is also very humorous, often keeping morale up with political and social commentary.


Andy came to Ponyville around the same time as Twilight Sparkle. When he arrived, he was taken aback by how friendly everyone was. He first met Rainbow Dash after the latter plowed into Twilight. Andy went on to meet the other Mane 6 characters. Immediately, Applejack took a liking to him, since he looked so lost.

Later on, Andy found out was the prophecized Seventh Element of Harmony: the Element of Courage. Andy felt his position deeply, and broke into his first big number ("Courage"). The Element of Courage wasn't a physical object like it was for the others, but rather, was inside him all along, and can be shot from his mouth.

In Nightmare Moon's lair, Andy bravely stood his ground in the face of danger, and transformed into the Leviathan when Nightmare Moon grew to a giant stature to attack Ponyville. It was a heated battle, but Andy won, pinned down NM, and allowed the girls to hit her at point-blank, transforming Nightmare Moon back into Princess Luna.

After the entire ordeal, Andy made himself at home in Ponyville, opening a Hobby Shop for everyone's hobby needs. He has everything, from cars to trains to boats to planes to dollhouses and everything in between. All the while, he also became a farmhand at Sweet Apple Acres, performing odd jobs around the farm. As he worked there, he became a close friend to the Apple Family, especially Applejack, who began having romantic feelings for him, but was too nervous to tell him. It was the same story for Andy.

In his time in Ponyville, Andy has been on many adventures in Ponyville. He became embroiled in the Gabby Gums ordeal, in which he was the topic of a story saying he was a filly molester. He came extremely close to killing the Cutie Mark Crusaders, but relented, unable to bring himself to commit murder. He later forgave them and turned his animosity towards Diamond Tiara, verbally abusing her and threatening to press charges against her family.

When Discord was freed, Andy was the only one not to be affected by him. In fact, Andy stayed in his house in fear of facing the wicked trickster. But when he found out Applejack was in trouble, he left his house and headed off in a blind rage to take on Discord.

Face-to-face, Andy and Discord confronted each other. In another Battle of Gargantuans, Andy managed to defeat Discord and allowed the others to turn Discord into stone.

Throughout the second season, Andy went on further adventures. On Nightmare Night, he dressed up as a robot that bore a suspicious resemblence to Optimus Prime and was the only one not to show any fear in front of Princess Luna, instead angrily lecturing her on her outdated dialect and terminolgy, which brought her down to Earth.

During the Royal Wedding in Canterlot, Andy was well aware of Cadence's odd behavior, as it didn't match Twilight's description. When everyone abandoned Twilight after "falsely" accusing "Cadence", Andy was the only one to stay behind and reassured her he believed her. During the wedding, Andy was on high alert, all the while being called paranoid and delusional, even by Applejack, but was proven right when the real Cadence revealed herself. Cadence stated that the fake Cadence was a changeling, and Queen Chrysallis revealed herself. After yet another Leviathan battle, Chrysallis was defeated by the Power of Love. At the reception, FINALLY, Andy and Applejack admitted their feelings for each other, further reinforcing "Love is in Bloom".

In the third season, Andy became a very confident and outgoing pony, becoming a national hero in the wake of his exploits against Nightmare Moon, Discord, and Chrysallis. He fight gallantly against King Sombra's army, eventually facing off with a mechanical doppelganger of himself, which he destroyed. In Twilight's vision where Princess Luna tells her she has failed and to go away, Andy starts an armed rebellion against Celestia, ending in a nuclear device detonating in Canterlot, killing Andy, Celestia, and Luna and leaving Equestria without a leader as the land descends into anarchy, as the pegasi and unicorns are driven to extinction.

In "One Bad Seed", Andy was the only one besides the CMC to know of Babs Seed's bullying. After Babs' life was saved, Babs decided to get Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon back, getting Applejack and Princess Luna in on the plan. The CMC talked aloud about their new clubhouse, which Babs, now acting, decides to take over. She sends Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon in to make the place acceptable for their standards. What they don't know is that this is Andy's house!

Ren & Stimpy Don't Whiz on the Electric Fence!04:38

Ren & Stimpy Don't Whiz on the Electric Fence!

The basis for the entire sequence in Andy's House

Andy, having been told that some fillies have been spotted in his house by Applejack (he was also not told of the plan to get the full effect), returned home to find glitter everywhere, his Broadway albums covered in bubblegum, his hobby paints used as hoof polish, and his Equestrian Pride model cars painted in King Sombra's flag. He found the perpetrators and got extremely furious. He then stated what he would do to them (which was disturbingly violent), but first had to go take a whiz. He then found a boardgame Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon were playing, "Don't Whiz on the Electric Fence". He whizzed on it and, with a some smoke and mirrors, made it seem like they've all gone to Hell. In "Hell", they were faced by Nightmare Moon (Luna in a costume). While Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon weren't looking, Luna lifted the mask and winked at Andy, who now knew what was going on. After all was said and done, and Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon promised to never bully again, Applejack apologized to Andy for the whole ordeal.

In "Magical Mystery Cure", Andy was the only one whose destiny is not changed. Instead, he constantly said "You've gone too far this time, Twilight!" Later, at the Coronation, he wished Twilight luck in her dealings with a beaurocratic government that iss withholding important information from the public, revealing a conspiracist side to him.

Andy appears as both a pony and a human in Equestria Girls. Besides Twilight, he is the only one who openly confronts Sunset Shimmer, often scaring her into running off. He is very much like his pony counterpart, only Human Andy is a much bigger conspiracy theorist, believing Canterlot High, like all other schools, are actually brainwashing centers, since the US history books cover up the many atrocities committed by the government over the years. When he took on his half-anthro form in the climax, he immediately freaked out over the fact that he had become "a furry", then turned into his Leviathan form to do battle with the demon Sunset Shimmer, ultimately defeating her and handing her over to a military tribunal.

In the fourth season premiere, Andy fought various Everfree Forest creatures and constantly tried to kill Discord due to the accusations that the growths are his fauilt. After the revelation that it was his fault, Andy came very close to blasting him, only to be stopped by Fluttershy.

Throughout the fourth season, Andy went on many, many adventures. His superhero identity was "Super Pony" (basically a pony version of Superman, complete with the John Williams theme). When he found out Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon had been tormenting Scootaloo over her disability, he finally punched them both, which got him put in the dungeon. Fortunately, the punching and imprisonment were nothing but his warped mind making up scenarios again.

At the Equestria Games, Andy participated in Racing, winning gold for Ponyville.

In the season finale, Andy was extremely suspicious when Twilight started acting weird and denying, believing she had become a government agent. When Tirek arrived in Ponyville, Andy hid in his house, not in fear, but to plan his counterattack. When he learned of Discord's betrayal, he charged out of his house and took Tirek by surprise with his speed and power, knocking him and Discord to the ground and beating Discord within an inch of his life. Tirek, learning that Andy was the Element of Courage, backed off, having heard of Andy's abillities and waspish temper. In the final battle, Andy became an Ultra Pony, rather than a Rainbow Pony, Becoming a bipedal giant, Andy summoned the Sword of the Holy Titans and killed Tirek. He found his own seat in Twilight's castle, and even discovered a war room made especially for him.

In Rainbow Rocks, Andy plays a major role. He actively advocates a romance between Twilight and Flash Sentry, and continually expresses his confusion over how and why Sunset Shimmer was released from prison. Like the others, he is not affected by the Dazzlings' singing, but does admit it is very, very good, and that if they weren't evil, they'd probably have a recording contract by now. During the climax, he turns into Ultraman and kills all three Dazzlings, before singing Dream On by Aerosmith.

In "The Cutie Map", Andy travels with the rest of the Mane Seven to a village where everyone has the same cutie mark, hairstyle, and is always smiling. Like his friends (except Fluttershy), he is suspicious, even moreso than the others. When Starlight Glimmer strips the Mane Seven of their cutie marks using the Staff of Sameness, she finds it has no effect on Andy thanks to his medical condition making his cutie mark invisible. He then proceeds to beat Starlight within an inch of her life, kill her underlings, and destroys the Staff. Starlight, though, turns into a monsterous behemoth and targets Canterlot. Andy goes Ultra Pony and administers a massive beating upon the giant Starlight, killing her.

Andy's contribution to the castle in "Castle Sweet Castle" was rather simple compared to the others, decorating the castle with potted plants and paintings of Equestrian military leaders.

In The Friendship Games, Andy once again plays a major role, not having a distaff counterpart at Crystal Prep. Instead, he directly opposes Abbicus Cinch. Throughout the film, he comes very close to killing the Crystal Prep students for their arrogance, but restrains himself multiple times, though in one parallel universe, after the triathalon, he kills Human Twilight. Following Midnight Sparkle's defeat, Andy refuses to allow Cinch to get off scot-free, and subjects her to a brutal death, ripping her heart out before vaporizing her with a blast of pure energy. He then proceeds to do the same to Crystal Prep, killing almost the entire student population. At the end of the film, when Princess Twilight comes through the portal, Andy sarcastically congratulates her for destroying the fabric of reality, before a black hole destroys the universe. This, too, turns out to be a parallel universe.



Twilight Sparkle

Andy and Twilight share an easy-going friendship, often seeing each other as surrogate siblings. Usually, if there's something about trains, the military, or conspiracy theories Twilight needs to know about, she calls on Andy. In "Twilight's Kingdom - Part 1", Twilight stated Andy was perhaps her most loyal friend.


Though strained at times because of Rarity's personality, the two are good friends. Andy's meticulous attention to detail often sees him helping Rarity in creating dresses.

Rainbow Dash

Andy doesn't have wings like Rainbow Dash, and often develops an Inferiority Complex when he sees Rainbow Dash flying. Quite surprisingly, Rainbow Dash is very sympathetic, often wishing she had Andy's powers. The two are very good friends, as Rainbow Dash can rely on Andy to spot airborne hazards and inform her of unfavorable flying conditions.


Andy and Fluttershy are very close friends, mainly due to their similar personalities and mutual love for rabbits. Usually, when Fluttershy is being pressured, Andy puts his hoof down and chews out the culprits. Fluttershy is also known to hug Andy alot.

Pinkie Pie

Andy and Pinkie Pie can be described as best friends, since they both have a very large sense of humor that complement each other perfectly. Whereas Pinkie's humor revolves around reality-warping, breaking the fourth wall, and other forms of physical and verbal humor, Andy's humor revolves around social and politcal commentary, extreme violence, gross-out visuals, sight gags, celebrity impersonations,


Applejack is Andy's love interest and later girlfriend. The two share a very close relationship. Andy frequently helps out at Sweet Apple Acres. Applejack winces when Fluttershy hugs Andy, but knows that Andy has no control over Fluttershy. To date, they have kissed eight times.


Andy sees Spike as a loyal friend, and frequently collaborates with him.

Cutie Mark Crusaders

Andy has a close friendship with with the CMC. Because of his relationship with Applejack, he has a particularly close kinship with Apple Bloom. He is quick to defend them from any "blank flank" accusations, and personally hunts down anyone who transgresses them.

Derpy Hooves

Andy is good friends with Derpy. During Derpy's rampage when she found out the Banana Surprise muffins were all gone, it was Andy who calmed her down by bringing her some of the same muffins he had baked himself.


Andy supports the relationship between her and Big Mac, and has also substituted for her at school several times, bringing with him great wisdom and humor.


Initially, Andy was extremely hostile towards Discord, openly engaging him and intending to kill him rather than imprison him. After Discord's redemption in "Twilight's Kingdom - Part 2", Andy was the last to forgive him, deciding Discord went through enough horrors to be softened up.

Princess Celestia

Celestia sees Andy as a loyal pony, and even considers him an honorary member of the military. On the other hand, Andy, while he willingly serves Celestia, still believes she is a dictator hiding behind a facade, as well as the mastermind of various false flag attacks to test Twilight and the New World Order which seeks to purge the dragons.



When Trixie first came to Ponyville, his suspension of disbelief disappeared when Twilight exposed her. Later, when she banished Twilight and took over Ponyville, Andy formed an underground resistance group to assassinate her and free Ponyville. After all was said and done, Andy was unsure whether to forgive Trixie or finish her. He is still undecided to this day, keeping a neutral view on her. His human counterpart, though, openly loathes Trixie and tries to obstruct her at any opportunity.

The Mayor

Andy is ambivalent towards the Mayor of Ponyville. He does not believe she is a competent mayor, but at the same time, does not believe she is embroiled in the New World Order.


Nightmare Moon

Andy absolutely loathed Nightmare Moon, and made killing her his #1 priority. When she became Princess Luna once more, any animosity he had towards here disappeared.

King Sombra

Andy saw King Sombra as the ultimate threat thus far, and made killing him his priority. Ultimately, he succeeded in killing him.

Queen Chrysallis

Andy was suspicious of Cadence's behavior before the wedding, and ultimately turned out to be right. He viciously fought the queen's army, then became bloodthirsty as he pummeled her with his bare hooves.

Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon

Andy loathes both with a passion, mainly due to their hostilities towards the CMC. He frequently tortures them psychologically and verbally abuses both, and often fantasizes about killing or at least putting them in the hospital, but these fantasies frequently end with him being imprisoned or executed.


Andy was incensed by the very existence of Tirek, believing he was the Destroyer of Worlds. When he defeated him with the Sword of the Holy Titans, he was extremely satisfied.

Other Depictions


Andy is depicted as the only sane person in the PONY.MOV series. He lacks a Cutie Mark as in the main series, and often points out the absurdities of his surroundings. His video, SANE.MOV, which takes place after PARTY.MOV and before SWAG.MOV, depicts Andy complaining about how out-of-character everyone is acting, and then concludes he is in The Matrix, which turns out to be correct when a pony version of Nero approaches him with the "red pill/blue pill" bit.

Friendship is Witchcraft

Andy is depicted as an unintelligable, sex-crazed Australian who obsess over Applejack's ass.

Fluffle Puff Tales

Andy views Fluffle Puff as a "pony-like" creature and nothing more. He is VERY weirded out by her lesbian feelings for Chrysallis, and can't figure out why Dan hangs out with them.

Gameloft mobile game

Andy is availabe for free during the tutorial. His main purpose is to fight Nightmare Moon's minions. He is unique in that, in addition to his hobby shop, he also has his own questline in which he goes on the warpath against other MLP villains such as Discord, Queen Chrysallis, Tirek, Sunset Shimmer, the Dazzlings, and Starlight Glimmer. This quest plays like a typical SNES Final Fantasy game, with turn-based combat and a multitude of options. The final boss is the fanmade character Lord Andros (voiced by Tim Curry in the FMV cutscenes).

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