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Angel New ID

Angel Mortal
Mortal Angel

Kind Angel Pony
Unicorn (Formally)
Sex Female
Occupation Guardian of Sweet Mint
Eyes Yellow
Mane Light Blue
Coat Light Pink
Cutie mark
Angel is a pegasus mare who is an Angel Pony. She is the one of the guardians of Sweet Mint.


Angel is a very loud pony who loves to scream, goof off, and forget about her responbilities.

Former Life

Angel was once a unicorn would was blessed with an acrobatic skill, and as some say she looks like an angel when she flies through the air (hence her name). One day, Angel and her friend Candy Apple were walking through the streets of Canterlot when a masked man popped out. He held Candy at knief point and tried to kill her until Angel punched him. He beat Angel up and went after Candy Apple. As her closed in on her, Angel jumped up and tackled him, and unfortunatly both fell of a cliff. The two died, but Angel was seen as a good pony in the eyes of Annabelle and was made into an angel.

Reborn As An Angel

Angel has always wanted to be a Guardian Angel, which is too bad since she is the most irresponsible Angel to exist. As she receives ranks as a Junior Guardian Angel she meets Martini, a devil pony. The polar opposite personalities of the two results in a dangerous friendship. She and Martini soon became the guardian angel and helper of Sweet Mint.

Purpose In Being An Angel

Angel never knew why she was chosen to be an Angel and why she was tested so much. It later turns out that Angel is a Spirit Angel would can control an element.



Martini is Angel's best friend. Angel cares deeply for Martini as she released her from the mentle prison of Tirek.


Devil and Angel have a love/hate relationship. Devil has a crush on Angel, and she claims that she doesn't like him at all. The only reason Angel gives him the time of day is because he is Martini's brother.


Annabelle, The Leader of The Angel Ponies, 



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