"she like to hang out with twilight"

About Angela Angela is a human from her original state but was going to the pony dimension with a huge group from it, read the story of the outlander part 1 and 2. she was joining the group with a little kid she was with in a survivor camp. the little kid is called Steve, she is like a big sister for him. she don't got a cutiemark yet, she is on a quest to find out who she is. a unicorn, a human, both. now she with Steve are living with Flash and FireRed Kelly.


Angela don't got a job yet. she want to know who she really is before she choose a job.

Friends and contacts

Flash: sort of a friend. also a father for her. He adopted her when she was 14, including Steve

Firered Kelly: a friend/parent like Flash.

Steve: sort of her small brother. when she was in a survivor camp as human, she took care of him.

Twilight Sparkle: her best friend. She met her in the library.

Diesel: a sort of uncle for her.

Rainbow Dash: a sort of aunt of her.

Gilda: also a sort of aunt.

Derpy: a friend.

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