Apathy Honorheart
Nightmare Apathy
Apathy Honorheart
Kind Pegasus, Earth Pony(Originally)
Sex Male
Occupation Soldier
Eyes Sea Blue
Mane Green
Coat Dark Grey
Relatives Blue Therapy (Cousin)
Cutie mark
Lightning Bolt
Owner AngelinBlack424
Richtofen Water
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Apathy Honorheart, mostly just known as "Apathy" is a green maned Pegasus pony with the skill of music and is best at the bass guitar. He becomes a very sinister thinking villain at the end of the Hard to Believe: Series against Marisa and her friends. He now currently is the boyfriend of Ruby Rocks.


Apathy is a green maned pegasus that was first introduced in the created non-printed fanfiction "Paranoia" as an Earth Pony. He had, at first of the series, been a very cowardly and spiritful stallion who had been the caring boyfriend of Marisa Dempsey. He had turned miserably sinister and had taken the ally-ship of the Equestrian Conspiracy in hopes of slaying/capturing love. He now lives his life in fear of Paranoia and vengeance.

Trading Card Caption

"If there is one thing this nervous pony is doing, it's either playing his guitar, plotting his revenge on love, or just relaxing as much as he can to ease his worries. Having a hard and difficult past, Apathy stills tries to keep his positivity active, even if it means destroying love every time he thinks about it."

Life History

Hard to Believe Series

Apathy was first born and raised in Canterlot, and was brought down to Ponyville in his teenager years. He started to worry that he was never going to retreive his cutie mark, and so tried in music. Getting his cutie mark soon before, His first few days of his high school he met Marisa, and instantly crushed on her. Marisa, seeing the hints that Apathy was too scared to say anything but noises when he saw her, finally started to like him too, and they soon became a couple. By then, Apathy's coward-like ways started to take action when he had discovered about the Time Machine in Marisa's basement (See Marisa's page for more information) and the knowing that Marisa had ventured off into it to find her father, so then he soon grew very cowardly.

Apathy Self

Apathy Honorheart originally as an Earth Pony.

When Marisa had lost her memory in the adventure in the sad fanfiction "Lifeless", Apathy had been so nervous that Marisa would never like him ever again due to the fact that she did not remember him. Unfortunately, When Marisa returned to see Apathy, She did not remember a single thing about their relationship. Apathy, Heartbroken, swore that he would never fall in love again.  

After starting to feel more hatred and having earned wings. He flew from Ponyville, not caring where he went, when he ran into Shadow Blade. Shadow asked what was wrong, and Apathy started to hurriedly tell of his troubles. Shadow calmed him down and told him that he knew the world was unfair. Shadow began convincing him that this was the world's fault, and he started to believe it. He agreed to join the Equestrian Conspiracy, as a soldier in the army. He wants to seize exact revenge on any ponies that are in love, because of Marisa's memory loss.


  • Apathy Honorheart was first created and was entered in the Equestria Daily Video Game Character Contest in October. He became one of my main fan-characters soon after.


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