Pony Info
Apex Plain Smile




Pegasus Pony



Cutie Mark

A black "x"


All-around useful pony!


A young pink pegasus colt, just new into the world of Ponyville and Equestria. Apex is skilled as a "jack of all trades," as regarded by the cutie mark on his flank, an X representing the X factor he is. Apex is somewhat of an aloof pony, often drifting about in his thoughts with no real, discernable reason. When he's bored, he often finds himself drawing, writing, or otherwise being creative, although often times will keep them hidden away from anypony - unless they ask!


Apex was born to a small family of Pegasi just outside of Cloudsdale in December, well after the Running of the Leaves but not quite to the Winter Moon Celebration. Apex has always been a bit of a loner, opting out of the Junior Speedsters in his time although he could have made the group - Apex preferred the lonliness. The pegasus moved from his home shortly after he graduated from the School to a small place in Ponyville, a loft above a coffee shop on a corner on the east side. After spending multiple years here, he branched out after meeting a few fine ponies that allowed him to become friends with some fairly connected ponies. This landed him everything he has now - friends, family, and a lover that he spends every moment he can with.

Player Information

Apex is played by the writer and artist of the same name, sometimes known as "AnonponyX" to those who've only seen him in history. You can reach him on Ponychan in the TKC, as well as on Steam - just ask for Apex the pink pegasus!

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