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"We need to gather everypony follower we have so we can defeat Stopwatch!
~Aquarius at the Zodiac Heads meeting
Aquarius pony
Kind Unicorn
Sex Female
Occupation Head of Zodiac
Eyes Luminous vivid cobalt blue
Mane Brilliant cyan and Luminous vivid lime green
Coat Light brilliant blue
Nicknames Aqua, Re, Rius
Relatives Aries (brother), Taurus (brother), Gemini (Zodiac Head) (sister), Cancer (brother), Leo (brother), Virgo (sister), Libra (sister), Scorpio (brother), Sagittarius (brother), Capricorn (brother), Pisces (sister)
Residence Zodiac Temple
Magic Color
Cutie mark
aquarius zodiac symbol
Voice her own
Owner Pandora

Aquarius is the eleventh pony of the zodiac signs and is the fourth youngest sister.


Followers of Aquarius

see The Followers of the Zodiac Heads


  • she's based on Aquarius in the zodiac

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