Blue Shuffle Colt
"Oi! This is my page ya McSilly Foo Foo!"

This one and only epic article, Ares, is the sole creation and property of the Male Poneh Poneh of Super Special Awesome, Epic "Da King" Ares. That means that if you want to use this page in any way, including thinking about how cool this page is in your dreams (lol jk) you must ask the music loving, pony loving, most epic brony of your generation first. Or else he'll blast the bass cannon while you're asleep. And nobody wants that.



Kind Earth Pony
Sex Male
Occupation Music Producer, Dancer
Eyes Dark Brown
Mane Brown
Coat Light Brown
Nicknames Epic, Blue Shuffle
Owner User:Epic Ares

Ares, pronounced Eris or Air es, is an Earth Pony and the persona of Epic Ares. Ares is a music producer, a dancer, a writer, and a user of the internet. He isn't physically social but reveals a keen interest in sites on the internet, where he could post and upload his music and talk to other ponies online. He has a light brown coat, brown eyes with a dark and light brown mane. He has no cutie mark, being that he has not yet found what makes him so special or unique. He, a practitioner of romance struggles with the fact that he currently isn't in a relationship.


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