Aricorns are an Alicorn like pony found on the planet of Zarmina.
Aricorn Aniju

Aniju as an Aricorn


Aricorns resemble Alicorns, however they have four wings instead of two and stiff long tails that end in feather-like membrains. Their wings howver are not made of featheres but skin and bone. Aracorns can sport frills or fin like decorations on their bodies, usually on their heads, shoulders, arms, feet, backs, flanks and tails. All Aricorns are covered in dots of light that can change color. Each markings are different on each Aricorn and the species on the Darkside of the planet are usually darker in body color, such as shades of blue, purple, brown and black. One the sunny side of Zarmina, the Aricorns are usually brighter in color, shades of pink, yellow, green or silver.


Aricorns can use magic and fly. All Aricorns can light up their bodies, often using the lights to comunicate, or confuse emenies. Aricorns can use beams of light to see much like echolocation, and can mark objects with balls of light that will cause anything they come in contact with to glow for a short-time. Using the light points on thier wings, Aricorns can hypnotize others by flighting up aand waving their wings.


Unlike the Alicorns of Equestria, Aricorns have a more animal-like nature, refering to forage for food and live a solitary life-style. Unlike normal horses, Aricorns are omnivores. Aricorn are solitary animals, however they can be seen in pairs, usually a mating pair, or a mother and her offspring. Females will give birth to usually one faol, sometimes two or more which are rare. The foal will stay with it's mother for two years before leaving to find a mate. Aricorn females are territorial and will remain in one place while males live as nomads and will wander around in search or new unrelated females and food sources.


  • The word Aricorn is the mispronunciation of Alicorn. 
  • Aniju created the race and she was the first Aricorn.

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