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"Aquarius, Taurus and I will protect you from know on."
Mr. Stopwatch
Aries Pony
The Eldest Zodiac Pony
Kind Earth Pony
Sex Male
Occupation Zodiac Head
Eyes Red
Mane Light Red and yellow
Coat Navy blue
Nicknames The Fighter, the leader, Elder
Resident Zodiac Temple
Cutie mark
Aries horoscope sign
Voice Pending
Owner User: PandoraStar411
Aries is the eldest Zodiac Head among his brothers and sisters. He is very protective of Aquarius.


Ever since Aries heard that Aquarius's coltfriend was a madman, he suddenly became protective of her along with Taurus.


He's head strong. Picks a fight even though he knows he's out numbered. Doesn't think before he acts. He likes getting risky. He cares about his younger brother and sisters so you don't wanna pick a fight with them unless you want your pony head in a trash can...


He's a very good swordspony. He fights really well. He knows a lot of battle tatics (maybe because of all of those war movies he watches).

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