Kind Unicorn
Sex Male
Occupation Dark Art Practitioner
Eyes White
Mane Dark Gray
Coat Deep Violet
Cutie mark
Nova's Cutie Mark 7
Voice Corey Burton
Owner User:Otherside86
Armageddon is a dark unicorn sorcerer, and a major antagonist in My Noble Steeds: Friendship is Might.


Armageddon was once a unicorn who studied magic along side Star Swirl the Bearded in his younger years. But his views were different than most ponies. He has a connection with Sir Checkmate that starts him on the path to be the first Steed Knight of the Chess Table.


He is a rare type of "PURE EVIL". He is a cold, calculating, and serious threat. His motives are not driven by emotions, ambition, and ideals. He never basks in his own victory. He never underestimates his enemies. He stays focus on his objectives. He's not trying to gain power, or conquer Equestria. He's just a highly intellectual monster. As though he was never a pony to begin with. As if his true purpose is to be evil for evil's sake.

My Noble Steeds: Friendship is Might

Armageddon existed over a thousand years ago in Cavalrous, in an attempt to rule it. He is responsible for Heavy Matter going on her dark path, and it is from destroying him, she became the most feared pony in all of Cavalrous.


"A priestess, a princess, and a knight against a dark wizard. This should be a battle of the ages."
Equestria Girls: My Noble Steeds to Sunset Shimmer, Twilight Sparkle, and Sir Sheath

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