Armor Strike
Armor Strike
Kind Pegasus
Sex Male
Occupation Antiques store worker
Eyes Yellow
Mane Dark red
Coat Dark Green
Nicknames Striker
Relatives Sky Strike (brother)
Cutie mark
Owner User:Mynameistheodore83

"Hey guys, I just had this great idea..."

- Armor Strike, talking to his friends


Armor Strike is a green Pegasus with a red mane and yellow eyes.  He is the younger brother of Sky Strike, although they barely knew each other.  He is one of the four members of the Chaotic Crew.  He works part time at the local antiques store, but spends most of his time hanging out with his friends Chip Tune, Dark Mind, and Gadget Tech.


Armor grew up in Cloudsdale, but his family moved to Ponyville after his older brother, Sky Strike, was accused of stealing and imprisoned.  Shortly thereafter he met his best friends and formed the Chaotic Crew.  Together they have fun throughout the town while causing a ruckus.  He is most of the brawn of the group, but he has a great mind as well.  He is very good at recalling facts, and learns new things quickly.

Armor strives to be a historian.  He constantly studies the past, mostly the wars that occured and the weapons that were used.  He collects many of these weapons, and proudly shows them off.


Armor likes to have fun in any way possible.  He is often seen laughing with his friends.  

No matter what happens, Armor will always have your back.  He'll listen to you when no one else will, and defend you if you need it.  He is strong-bodied, stron-minded, and strong-hearted, and it shows.

Armor comes up with many creative ideas that he shares with his best friends.  He is an artist and a storyteller, so he often draws what he wants to share.


Armor Strike is based off of one of User:Mynameistheodore83's friends in real life.

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