Ashen Willowalk
Ashen Willowalk


Ashen Willowalk


Earth Pony



Cutie Mark

A white tree with green leaves and pink flowers

Extra Field

this is my first page, so please give me some feedback.


An Earth Pony with Auburn hair, Olive green eyes, and Pine green mane and tail. The mane comes down to cover his eyebrows, and his tail is wavy. Most noticable about him is his cutie mark, a white tree with green leaves and pink flowers.


Born and Raised in Whitetail, he grew up around the trees and flowers there. After living with his family in Whitetail Wood's for a few years, he left to explore more of Equestria, looking for more of his passion: Flowers. When he reached the Everfree Forest, the wildlife scared him, but the flowers kept him there. For the next three years, he would live in the forest, studying and collecting new flowers. During those few years, he's ran into Zecora a few times, she helping him making a suitable home there. While out one day collecting some new flowers, his cutie mark appeared. After he had collected all the flowers he needed, he went to go back to Whitetail, but got lost and ended up in Ponyville. Scared as he had not been around other ponies for quiet some time, he learned to interact with them, loving that it was so close to the forest. After speaking with the Mayor, he got a house/store on the walkway towards the Sugarcube Corner, selling his flowers to all who want them. Also, since he never heard of them before trying one, he is obsessed with muffins and cupcakes, as he doesn't know the difference between them.

Other info

I can't make a pic yet, but if you know where i can make one without a template, that'd be great ^^

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