Bronie Info
Atom in a post-War pasture.


Atomic Wrangler





Cutie Mark

Four nuclear bombs around a red biohazard symbol.


(none yet)


Atomic Wrangler is a post-War unicorn living in Equestria.

Other Info

Informally referred to as "Atom" (pronounced Adam).

Bronie Info

Born in the area of New Ponyville exactly 200 years after the atomic apocalypse of 2077, Atom was sent back in time by the Ponyhood of Steel using the most advanced pre-War pony technology. The Ponyhood, knowing that they could not change the course of history, simply wanted to learn as much as they could about pre-War civilization. Atom has been travelling through Equestria since 2001, the year he arrived in the pre-War world, sending information to the Ponyhood weekly through a PO box that somehow remained intact throughout the Great War, awaiting the day that he is called back to his home.

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