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"I do not fear the unknown. I strive to know it."


Aurora Alchemi





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Aurora is shy, sometimes seeming reclusive, until he is comfortable with those around him. This means that he holds his friends close, and will not hesitate to help them out. He finds it hard to make those friends, but he does have one big advantage. If Aurora must speak in public, he never lets his fears or shyness hold him back. Coupled with his innate teaching abilities and knowledge, he can be a very powerful ally. He is known among his few friends as a talented mage, using his years of research to mold a strange force known as the Aether. Aurora is often seen out at night, as he ponders magic. Sometimes, he learns something new, and the sky will fill with the lights he was named after. He also hopes to someday meet Princess Luna in order to thank her for the beautiful nights he contemplates. Aurora loves a good challenge, and although he is more of an egghead, he will welcome a good hike. He never studies inside if he doesn't have to, and instead will find a nice secluded area in the mountains.


Aurora's family were a group of very powerful mages, and were noted on their superior books on a wide range of magical subjects. The family line, however, seems to vanish. His last known ancestor is Ptolomy Alchemi, a great mage noted for his research on Ursa Major. 250 years ago, Ptolomy decided to move his research to the arctic wastes. He and his family were never heard from again, and were presumed dead. Aurora showed up about a year ago in Canterlot, carrying a stack of books to be published, and a handful of personal items. He has not said much about his past, although his books contain years of research. His notable books include Why Pegasi float on clouds, The formation of Aurora, and Aether magic for beginners.

Other Info

Aurora has recently moved to Ponyville in order to study the Elements of Harmony. He recently released Illuminated Ponies, a book about certain ponies born with the innate ability to use Aether. These ponies often seem random, or strange, because of their abilities. A recent letter to the research institute detailed one such pony in Ponyville, noting that "Although she is hyperactive, her fun-loving personality seems to affect how she taps into the Aether." He has been trying to gain an audience with Princess Luna, but Aurora's letters are only returned unopened.

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