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Bejeweled is a Slice of Life themed fanfiction created by The Syreth Clan. In this story, Rarity has to work together with the canterlotian smith, Agate in a co-oprative fashion competition.



The Syreth Clan

Publish date:

April 11, 2014


Rarity, Agate (OC)



Other characters:

Fleur-Dis-Lee, Octavia, Lotus and Aloe, Roseluck

Production and Developement

Bejeweled's first chapter was published in 2013 April 11, on As of 2014. December, the story consists of roughly 70,000 words and is still market as incomplete.


Read ahead! This page contains the minimal amount of spoilers.

Meeting Agate

The first four chapters introduce us to Agate, the Original Character of the novel. As Rarity and Agate meet one another in Ponyville, two of them decide to show their properties, Rarity takes Agate around her home in Ponyville, then the girls travel to Canterlot to see Agate's workshop.

Only there does it turn out that Agate is not a seamstress at all, but an armorsmith who creates and repairs armors for the Royal Guard, as well as custom ones for the ones who'd like them. It is also revealed that she is not in best terms of the canterlotians due to an incident where she refuse to pay a refund. Fleur-Dis-Lee however seem to be an exception from that rule, as its her doing that Agate's business skyrocketed before her reputation ploughed into the ground.

Due to the smith's careless and unrefined nature Rarity chooses not to take risks about their position in the contest and decides to make a real lady out of the smith, something Agate reluctantly, but agrees to.

The rapid course and the dressmaking

The unicorns - since Agate's situation and the lack of sewing equipment doesn't allow them to work properly - return to Ponyville at once. Rarity takes in Agate for the time being. With the help of Octavia, Rarity takes on teaching Agate the basic manners of a lady, including proper posture and vocabulary while at the same time the two attempts to collect the needed materials and create their entry for the contest without running out of time. While the two unicorns start off as almost hostile towards each other, with time they put their differences aside to create the ultimate hybrid between dress and armor. In the meanwhile, Agate and Rarity take part in various other activities like visiting the Day Spa, going on a gem hunt, and so forth.

The finale

/!\ Coming soon. /!\


Bejeweled recieved a positive response in FiMFiction despite the low reader traffic and low feedback count, while it recieved almost no feedback on DeviantART.


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