Black Cherry is a red and black Pegasus and the younger sister of Jet Black.

Black Cherry
Black Cherry
Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
Occupation Flower Delivery
Eyes Red
Mane Maroon
Coat Dark Grey
Relatives Jet Black
Cutie mark
Owner Aniju Aura


Black Cherry is a young teenage female Pegasus with a dark coat and maroon hair. She had red eyes and her Cutie Mark is an image of two cherries.

Unlike her brother, Black Cherry isn't reserved anddoesn't keep to herself but instead is quite popular with many friends.


Black Cherry was born and raised in the city of Baltimare. She lived with her older brother and mother, till sadly her mother died when she was young. She then are cared for by her older bother Jet Black. Fearing for their futures, he decided they should leave the city and became drifters once Black Cherry finished school. After some time wondering around, the two eventually came to live in Ponyville. To help support her and her brother, Black Cherry got a job working at Daisy's Flowers delivering flowers for Daisy Button's florist shop. She met Lightning at one of her brother's concerts when his band was playing with The Destroyers.


  • Black Cherry's Cutie Mark is similar to Davey's except it lacks any leaves.
  • Initially Black Cherry was support to be considerably younger than Jet Black, around Apple Bloom's age compared to her sister Applejack. However this was changed so she is at least two to three years younger than him.
  • When Black Cherry was young, she would wear a bow in her hair and had a shorter hair cut.