Black Knight is the New Captain of the Royal Guards after the departure of Shinning Armor.
Black Knight

Black Knight made of the Pony Creator on the Hub's website


Black Knight is a dark blue pegasus pony with bat wings. He has yellow-orange eyes and pointed ears. He is quiet and firm. As the new Captain of the Guard, Black Knight takes his job seriously, however he knows when it's time to have some fun. He tries to be a good replacement in the absence of Shinning Armor, however he feels he is not up for the task and may not live up to Shinning Armor's example.


Black Knight became apart of Princess Luna's Royal Guards and watched over Canterlot at night. He worked his way up the ranks and after Shinning Armor left to live in the Crystal Empire, the position of Captain of the Royal Guard became vaccant. With the departure of Knight Watch, who would have been most likely to become the new Captain of the Royal Guards, Princess Luna recommended Black Knight as a replacement for the Captain of the Royal.


  • Black Knight gets his name from the famous Black Knight who wears ebony armor and rides a black stallion.