Bolt Pheron
Bolt Pheron
Knowledge is everything, without knowledge we seize to exist.


Bolt Pheron





Cutie Mark

Lightning Bolt

Extra Field

Fast thinker and talker

Job Description

Free lance writer


Hey everypony I'm Bolt. I may be a Pegasus pony, but the only think about me that is fast, is my mind and my mouth. Ever since I was able to read I've searched everywhere for knowledge on everything I can find. Be it about flying or farming I will want to know about it. Unfortunately my hunger for knowledge can get in the way of other pony's. I sometimes forget that they are pony's and not books. So I try to get as much information out of them as I can, sometimes ignoring their needs just so I can fill my hunger for knowledge. I fly often, but only so that I can reach the books on the highest shelf's. Because my mind is so fast I'm able to recall a great amount of information rather quickly, although my mind moves to fast for my mouth, causing me to mumble or mix words together. When I dont mumble I talk fast. Really fast some ponys find it hard to understand what I say, so often I have to stop my-self and repeat what I said at a slower pace


I originally came from Southern Arfihoof, but soon moved to Canterlot to pursue my dream of attaining as much knowledge as possible with in the large libarys and from other inteligent pony's

I lived with my mother and father. Both of whom were simple folk. Mostly tending to thier day to day needs. While I was left out-side to explore the open expanse that lay infront of me. At first it was rather hard to do anything but trot around home, but as I became familiar with my surroundings I began to question everything. Why was our home in a field and not in the sky? Why was mother an earth pony? Many times my father would defelct the questions telling me to ask my mother, but she too ran out of patience, so to remedy my curiosity, they bought me a book. That was thier first mistake. Thier second mistake was to teach me to read. After that I became enthraled with books. Sometimes flying out to the nearest town to either buy more books or to read them in a public libary.

Other Info

All in all; I'm a patient pony. I have a strong mind, but a weak body. I'd use my head rather than use any other physical aspect to remedy a situation. I'm an opportunistic pony seeing the silver lining in any cloud. Although my happy nature tends to annoy other pony's. If my mouth dosn't get caught up in the words I'm trying to say. I talk sense, trying to talk about something that would interest the pony that I would be talking to. Although that is if I talk to other pony's and if they can understand what I say.

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