Camera Flash

Camera Flash

Kind Unicorn
Sex Female
Occupation Student
Student photographer
Eyes Her right eye is arctic bluish gray, and her left eye is dark grayish sea green
Mane Light gamboge with light apple greenish gray and pale opal streaks
Coat Very dark indigo
Cutie mark
Cutie Mark-0
A dark bluish-gray camera with a pink seven-pointed star behind an white eight-pointed star in the background and white five-pointed stars in corners
Owner Princess X
Camera Flash is a unicorn that lives with her father above Snap Studio.


Early Life

She was born in Canterlot and lived for the first few months of her life in an apartment near Fashion Pose Photo Studio with her mother, Photo Finish, and her father, Snapshot.

Photo Finish and Snapshot argued often and then divorced, and Snapshot brought Camera Flash to Ponyville where they worked at Carousel Boutique and boarded there until they earned enough money to start Snap Studio, and they moved there.


Photo Finish

She doesn't see her mother very often. She sees her once a month every summer and every other Hearth's Warming Eve. Photo Finish annoys her as she is always snapping at her.


She loves her father very much and prefers living in Ponyville than in Canterlot with Photo Finish. When she was younger, she would follow him everywhere.

Twinkle Belle and Starburst

Camera Flash, Twinkle Belle, and Starburst are best friends. They hang out quite often and have a lot of fun together.


  1. Her original name was Picture Snap.
  2. Her name in Spanish is Flash de la Cámara, which is flash camera when translated back into English
  3. Her name in Dutch is Camera Flits, which is camera flash when translated back into English

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