Overall facts

"I like flowers, candy, my friends, clouds, tea, my friends, milkshake, flowers and candy."


Candy Leaf


Earth pony




Owns a little tulip farm

Candy Leaf is a dark pink earth pony with a a purple and pink mane. Her eyes are purple and she has the normal size of a mare. Candy lives with her family on a little tulip farm near Ponyville.


Candy is a happy pony. You can (almost) always see a smile on her face, ans she like to cheer other ponies up. She is also very bad tempered and over protective to her plants, but she forgives quickly. Candy has a bad memory and often forgets names and places, but she can all latin flower names. 

Cutie Mark

Candy's cutie mark is a pink flower with leaves formed like a heart. Her talent is gardening, specially flower gardening. She can almost talk to plants, and likes to spend time with them. Other ponies seem to think that this is a bit weird, but she still has plenty of friends to hang with.

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