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Carrot Fields


Carrot Fields





Cutie Mark

A cluster of orange and green stars in the constellation of a carrot.


Th' carrot folk has a huir ay a long family history ay farmin'. We've al'ays had a way wi' the land, an' we made th' land ay Fet Loch our own. But a farmin' family is a big family, an' we ran out ay land around those parts, sae we started spreadin' it, sendin' our younger folk aff tae far off towns tae start their ain farms.


History about the pony

Other Info

Likes: Astronomy, history, strong fillies, enjoys being outdoors, especially at night. Dislikes: Being ignored, left out of stuff, or alone. Ironically he is fearful of giving any sort of speech or being a salesman (sadly required when selling carrots). Wine, fancy wares and cloths as he *likes* being a simple pony.

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