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Cenu has a white coat, green mane, and the wheel of the colors of pigment as her cutie mark.

Her cutie mark, in her words, "represents her passion for modern art and philosophy".


Started posting as "Cenu" on /b/ 24 February 2011 (Birthday). She started as a birthday filly, receiving a picture of Gurren Lagann's Kamina as a pony. At 8:00 PM Pacific Time she bore witness to the travesty that occurred on 26 February 2011. She acknowledged the idea that the /b/ronies shared accountability for what happened that night, but she then decided that the /b/ronies shouldn't have to stop simply because the rest of /b/ wanted them to. Cenu agreed with her fellow /b/ronies that /b/ is their home and refused to leave to /co/ even though /b/tards claimed that they should according to the rules (there are no rules on /b/).

Cenu and most of the other /b/ronies she knew are still posting ponies on /b/ to this day.

Cenu has also been afflicted with frequent episodes of depression, which she experienced since her early teenage years of age. She has not yet acquired any professional help for this.

Other Info

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