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Cherry Changa

FANMADE Cherry Changa OC
Cherry Changa as an Earth Pony

Kind Earth
Sex Female
Occupation Farmer, Hero
Eyes Lime Green
Mane Orange
Coat Cherry Red
Nicknames Cherry.
Favourite Fruit Cherries
Equestrian Heroes Power Formation
Cutie mark
FANMADE Cherry Changa Cutiemark

Cherry Changa's Cutiemark

Owner Shadowgallade777
Cherry Changa is a female Earth Pony who loves cherries. She is well known for growing some of the most delicious cherries ever known and is part of the CM Force. She grew a new Power Fruit which clones the consumer, and this helped Creeperman in a recent adventure!


She's an honest, hard working Earth mare, just like Applejack. She's been known to lose her temper, but it's rarely that such happens. She's very fond of cherries, which is her main produce on her cherry farm.


  • Creeperman - She thinks of him as an amazing friend, and is willing to help him out whenever she can.

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