Chilli Filli's Ice Cream Parlor


Chilli Filli



Near Canterlot High (EqG)


Bon Bon, Derpy Hooves(formerly),

First Appearence

Chill Filli Vanilli

Chilli Filli's Ice Cream Shop is an ice cream parlour owned by Chilli Filli in Ponyville

Appearances in Friendship is Magic

The shops first appears in the episode Chilli Filli Vanilli when Pinkie Pie attempts to cheer up Chilli Filli. It is mentioned in the episode The adventures of Golden Cutie where Pinkie calls 'The best shop in Ponyville apart from Sugarcube Corner of course!' More soon...

Appearances in the Equestria girls movies

Chilli Vanilli's appears in My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Saving Paradise High when they plan to save a school near Canterlot High. Adding more soon

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