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TChocolate Moose


Chocolate Moose





Cutie Mark



Chocolate Moose is Passion Fire's new foal, he quit outgoing and helpful. He always feels dutiful to fulfill his promises and tasks to anyone he makes them with, but along with his hard work he is always getting his nose into things. He often gives his Uncle Pomelo a headache and Uncle Burtrum a good laugh, but when he's in big trouble he scrambles back under his mother for protection. He is a big Momma's boy after all. He plays with the colts and plays rough, but he actually prefers to make sweets with his female classmates and play tea time.


History about the pony

Other Info

Likes: Chocolate, cakes, sweets, parties, and sharing

Dislikes: Show boating, snakes, spiders, badgers, and sour fruits

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