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Claire bat ID
Claire as a vampire fruit bat-pony

Claire Earth ID
Claire as an Earth pony

Young Claire
Young Claire

A Claire human ID
Claire's human counterpart

Kind Vampire bat-pony
Earth (formerly)
Human (EG)
Sex Female
Occupation Member of Lord Atronnus' army
Eyes Brilliant amaranth
Grayish green (formerly)
Mane Brilliant violet
Coat Moderate cerulean
Nicknames Clare
Relatives Storm Blitz (older sister)
Cutie mark
A Claire CM
(as a vampire bat-pony)
A Claire cutie mark
(as an Earth pony)
Owner User:Lunaflaire
Claire is a female Earth pony who turns into a vampire fruit bat-pony and a member of Lord Atronnus' army. She is also the younger sister of Storm Blitz.



Claire grew up in a wealthy family alongside her older sister Storm Blitz and was well educated. Despite their parents lessons about kindness, Claire and her sister had always been rude and condescending toward others. After Claire and Storm Blitz heard about Lord Atronnus, they became interested in his intentions and started to idolize him. Later, Claire moved away from her home and decided to join Lord Atronnus' army with her sister.

Becoming a vampire bat-pony

During the events of Bats!, Claire alongside some other members of Lord Atronnus' army were sent to steal food from the Sweet Apple Acres. However, during the night, she and her fellow members were ambushed by a vampire bat-pony transformed Fluttershy, who attempted to eat the apples they had stolen. As she tried to chase her away, Claire was bitten and infected by "Flutterbat", causing her to transform into vampire fruit bat-pony hybrid.


After returning to the Castle of the Dark Pegasus, Claire is able to control herself as a vampire fruit bat-pony, having overcome her wild vampire instincts, and remain loyal to Lord Atronnus. She lives in a small home in the Everfree Forest, along with her sister Storm Blitz.


While acting sweet and innocent at times, Claire is excitable, goofy, rude, and mostly cares about herself and her sister. She looks up to her older sister Storm Blitz and generally does everything she says. She can also be just as cruel as her sister, sometimes joining Storm in mocking others.


Claire is shown to be very flexible and able to run at fast speed. As a vampire fruit bat-pony, Claire is capable of flight and possess heightened bat-like senses.


Lord Atronnus

Lord Atronnus is Claire's boss and idol. She secretly cares about him and is shown to be very loyal, willing to do anything he tells her.

Carmen Descant

Claire used to despise Carmen, but after learning to know her, she finds out about Carmen's past. After this, the two are shown to be great friends and care deeply about each other. Carmen also teaches Claire how to fly better after becoming a vampire bat-pony. They are shown to frequently make jokes and laugh together.

Storm Blitz

Storm Blitz is Claire's older sister. Despite wanting to be "cool" like her, Storm is bossy, demanding, and sometimes condescending toward Claire and usually uses her as a lackey. She is shown to not care much about her sister, frequently pronouncing Claire's name wrong, calling her "Clare". After Claire became a vampire bat-pony, Storm began to view her sister as more useful, remarking that she looks almost as cool as her.


Claire is shown to have a huge rivalry with Vine-illy, both attempting to prove to Lord Atronnus who is the better member in his army out of the two.


Carmen and Claire
Claire image gallery

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