Tinker toy the mad creator by 073247132-d6cm8e0

"Tinker Toy's Assembly Line"

An OC earth pony with a knack for engineering and a rather odd personality


As a colt, Clock Work was always fascinated in the workings of earth magic, also known as mechanical engineering. Growing up, he studied tirelessly, hoping to one day become the head engineer of the weather factory, unaware that life is much crueler to the dreamers.

After earning his doctorate, and his cutie mark after successfully creating an automaton, he applied for a position at the factory. Rainbow Dash had requested a blueprint for a cloud recycling machine, (which was modified into the pegasus device), under the guise of wanting proof of his skill. After completting it though, the company patented the design as their own and told Clock Work he'd never have the job because he was an earth pony. Infuriated, Clock Work went mad with an obsession to get revenge on Rainbow, the factory and all of Equestria because he felt they were mocking his engineering skill.

He took the alias of Tinker Toy as he strives for the cliche goal of world conquest through the creation of robots and absurd weaponry. Sadly, his attempts are always foiled by; simple miscalculations, his extreme shyness towards mares, and using up materials by making toys for fillies and colts that only think he's a funny old tinkerer.


Reginald the Hatrack - His first creation

Pinkie Pie - Occasionally sneaks into Tinker's workplace and posses as Reginald.  Tinker never seems to notice the difference, and she's the only mare that's managed to be around him without causing him to faint.

The local fillies and colts - Usually stop by the stand, which is a front for his workshop, to see any new do-dads he's created.

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