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Colette Sugars is a famous french desert maker that came to Ponyville.

Colette Sugars
Colette Sugars
"She's the best baker in Equestria!" -Pinkie Pie
Kind Earth Pony
Sex Female/Mare
Occupation Baker for a Five Star Bakery (formerly), Baker for Sugarcube Corner
Eyes Light brilliant blue violet
Mane Light brilliant magenta and Moderate gold
Coat Pale, light grayish arctic blue
Nicknames Sugar(s), Ms(rs). Sugars
Relatives Unknown
Cutie mark
Sugar bag Sugar cutie mark
Voice her own
Owner User: PandoraStar411


When she was in France, she didn't want to stay there any more. The glitz and glam of France began to wore off and she doesn't think that its fancy any more. So she goes to Equestria to find a new place to find work. She came across Ponyville and saw that they had Sugar Sweet Corner. She thought it was an excellent idea if she worked there and easily befriended Mr. and Mrs. Cake as well as Pinkie Pie.


As her name suggests, Colette is very sweet and kind to everyone. She doesn't say anything bad about anybody and that's why everypony is on good terms with her.


Pinkie Pie: She's best friends with Pinkie Pie despite the fact that she's a couple years older than her. She serves as an older sister to Pinkie and watchs over her so Pinkie won't get into any sort of trouble.

Mr and Mrs. Cake: She's on good terms with them and makes new recipes all the time with them. Since they don't know that she's the very famous Colette Sugars (she only goes by Sugars or Ms. Sugars) they treat her as a regular friend.

Spike: Sugars always makes cupcakes that have gemstones on them so Sugars and Spike got accqainted very easily.

Random Facts

  • Colette was named after the Colette from Ratatouille
  • Colette was some what based off of Colette from Ratatouille
  • Colette is a french name
  • her name means 'victory' in french

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