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Crystal Star

A Ixhelcan gift
Crystal Star - The Fashionista

Nerd Crystal Star
Crystal Star as a nerd

Crystal Star - Human Form
Crystal Star's human form

Kind Ixhelcan Pony
Sex Female
Occupation Model
Fashion designer
Eyes Brilliant cornflower blue
Mane Very light turquoise
Coat Pale, light grayish heliotrope
Nicknames Cryssa
Magic aura Light arctic bluish gray
Cutie mark
A Crystal Star CM
Owner Usernamebanner (gift from Bleck11)
Crystal Star is a female Ixhelcan Pony model and one of the Ixhelcan Mane Six. She also works as a fashion designer.


Crystal Star, or 'Cryssa', is dubbed as 'The Fashionista' of the six. She greatly cares for her appearence and may take about 2 hours for her to get ready. She has so many plans for her life but her modeling career is getting in the way of it. Photo shoot here, new fashion line for her to model there. All of these things make her very exhausted. But when all of the modelling is over, she gets to hang out with her 5 besties. She loves walking around the Capital, but the paparazzi are chasing her everywhere.

Physical appearence

Crystal Star is a mare with a pale, light grayish heliotrope coat and brilliant cornflower blue eyes. Her mane closely resembles Sunset Shimmer's mane and her tail is the same design as Rarity's, colored very light turquoise. When standing next to Misty, she is shown to be slighty shorter in size.

In Equestria Girls form, Crystal wears the IPA official uniform, with her bow, skirt and part of her shoes colored green. The other part of her shoes are colored exactly like her eyes.


Crystal Star is a cheerful model who always depend on her look and is shown to be friendly toward others. She is also very talkative and bright.



  • She is the second Ixhelcan Pony to be named, the first being Misty Morning.
  • The color on Crystal's eyes are a bit darker than that of ordinary Ixhelcan Ponies.

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