Daisy Light
Daisy Light
Drawn by User:Aniju Aura
Kind Earth Pony
Sex Female
Occupation Housemaid
Eyes Light blue
Mane Medium Cream
Coat Yellow
Nicknames Daisy, Li
Cutie mark
A broom sweeping the floor
 Daisy Light is a housemaid in Ponyville that helps clean other homes.


Daisy Light was born to a unicorn mother who was a mane-dresser and a stallion father who was a scientist studying the study of dragons, and she lived in an apartment. Daisy Light, as a filly, was very helpful and was once called a "teacher's pet" (when she wasn't) which upset her very much. As a preteen, she was paid bits for helping other ponies do chores in their apartment rooms. It wasn't long before she discovered that her talent was being a housemaid, and her cutie mark was a broom sweeping the floor. Ever since she grew up as an adult and devoted her destiny to being a housemaid for everyone.


Daisy Light is caring, helpful, and devoted to her friends. She will jump into any situation to stand up for others and speak her mind. She is also brave and positive.


Pink Tied Cream

Daisy Light's mother was a mane-dresser, and the two of them had a close relationship indeed. Pink Tied Cream always tidied Daisy's mane in the school mornings, and they were always just right for the day, and fitting if there was a dress-up day. But sometimes she got too formal. Anyway, they were very close, no matter what fights had happened.

Smoky Hoof

Daisy Light and her father shared a very close bond, they were both very smart and always got books for their birthdays, which they both loved with a passion. Daisy and Smoky always gave each other nicknames.





Animal Companion

Daisy owns a beautiful multi-coloured cat named Lyreshy.





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