Danju is the eldest son of Aniju and Dante and is featured in a short story title blog:Aniju Aura/The Offspring The Offspring.



Danji resembles his father Dante except he is a unicorn like his mother Aniju. Danhu has silver hair and a stripe of jade green in the right side of his head just like his father. Danju generally wears straps on his forarms with stings hanging down his hind legs and also wears a necklace with five blue-jade color gems. He keeps the base of his tail wrapped in a tie and has an ear piercing. Danju is a few years older than his parents' other children. He can create and control lightning and uses a sword to battle with. Danju is similar in personality like Aniju, but has some of Dante's traits.


For fun Aniju and Dante brought their four children to Equestria. When Vialli become depressed over the accident at the Crystal Empire, Danju summons his two brothers Anante and Darwin to aid him in making their younger sister feel better.


  • Danju's name is a combination Aniju and Dante's names.

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