Dark Rose

Dark Rose ID

Dark Rose Transformation
She transformed into evil-est..

Kind Alicorn
Sex Female
Eyes Strong violet
Mane Strong red
Coat Very dark gray
Nicknames Dark, The Evil Rose
Relatives Princess Cascade (sister)
Aoife (Half-sister)
Magic aura Reddish brown
Theme song
Cutie mark
Gray rose with green leaves (Normal)
Gray rose with red leaves (Transformed)
Owner User:Astralfleur
 Dark Rose is Princess Cascade and Aoife's insane sister. Cascade abandoned her because of her wrong manner or she decreased Cascade's reputation. 

Dark Rose became angry and she is currently having revenge with her sister. 


She is rough, evil, and a trickster. She likes to see the misfortune of others, and always teases ponies about their looks, love interests/love life. But she is a coward. And also, she is insane, but she is insane after Cascade abandoned her.

But currently, she wants to take over the Nature Lands. 


Princess Cascade

She is Dark Rose's elder sister, Princess Cascade always points out Dark Rose's flaws, she ignores them in outside, but deep inside she was really crying, or her heart is bleeding. Princess Cascade deeply cares for her but still, Dark Rose ignores them. All Princess Cascade's good things for her ignores them, because, she is EVIL. 


Aoife's half sister. They became half sister because of their mother left them, and Aoife's father married to their mother. Aoife trained her because of her cowardiness. Dark Rose always remember her saying, 'Fear cuts deeper than a sharp sword.' which Dark Rose always forces to forget it all the time. 



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