Darwin is the third son of Aniju and Dante and is featured in the short story titled The Offspring.



Darwin takes the form of a brown Earth Pony with a streak of green in his hair similar to his father's. He is calm, sweet natured and kind. He sometimes wears a plain over shirt and boots that are usually muddy. Although Darwin isn't all than into animals, he really likes moles. He seem to dislike woodpeckers. Darwin comes off as a little girly at times because of his love of flowers. Darwin can control Earth and comunicate with plants. His weapon of choice is a hammer. Darwin also can shift his body into the plants around him and the Earth.

His Cutie Mark is a leaf.


Darwin parents Aniju and Dante decided to take their four children to Equestria. Darwin loved the Everfree Forest the best and spent most of his time there. When his younger sister Vialli became depressed, Darwin's older brother Danju summoned him and his other older brother Anante back to aid him in making her feel better.


  • Darwin is name after a meerkat from the Aztecs Mob, but in the story Aniju says he is named after Charles Darwin.

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