Mystery Brony Theater 4000 - "Princess Promenade"51:14

Mystery Brony Theater 4000 - "Princess Promenade"

Mystery Brony Theater. Episode 1

Newcom23 (1)

Diamond Blaze and his signature scarf.

Diamond Blaze

Diamond Blaze is the ponified embodiment of Cameron "Paul DeFranco" Hall. A loving member of the Central Florida Bronies. Diamond is a member of the CFB youtube page in an ongoing series called "Mystery Brony Theater 4000". His special talent is drink mixing, explaining his martini glass Cutie Mark.


Diamond Blaze was born 24 years ago, with an older brother (Desert Flame) and an older sister (Shimmering Ember). As a child he showed extreme promise when it came to magic, while his parents wanted him to go a university to study magic, he was determined to mix drinks with his lover, unknown to his parents, October Scotch. After years of practiving he recieved his Cutie Mark and

File:Cameron Hall.jpg
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Diamond Blaze and October Scotch

opened the "Diamond Bottle" bar.

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