Diamond Mint

Sassy but Classy.

Diamond Mint is MInty Fresh's older half-sister (older by 10 months.) Despite being sisters, they are complete opposites. But despite that, they are extremely close. She is a member of the MAne 6 of the Bellatrix Kingdom.


Diamond is a fan of fashion and is a fashionista and a model of magazines. She also has some similarities with Rarity:

  • Both have younger sisters
  • Both speak with a different and high-class vocabuary and have a unique accent. (Diamond has a thick english accent while Rarity's accent is similar to that of the actress, Catherine Hepburn)
  • Both have the tendency to call others terms of endearment. Rarity's is "Darling" or "Dear" while Diamond's is "Sweetheart" or "Sweetie".


Minty Fresh (sister), Shooting Star, Emerald Glimmer, Florabelle, Heart Warm Dance 
Maybelline's daydreaming again...

"Oh... Riches...Clothes...Endless career..."

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