Double Cross
Double Cross while spying on The Defenders
Kind Earth
Sex Female
Occupation Member of Lord Anders' army
Doctor of genetics
Eyes Green
Mane Blue with Pink
Coat Dark Red
Cutie mark
Double Helix
Owner User:Mynameistheodore83
"Unlike Silver, I wish to see Equestria fall and unlike Shadow, I do not care how."
— Double Cross, explaining where her loyalties lie

Double Cross is a female Earth pony doctor.


Double Cross is a dark red Earth pony with green eyes and a blue-and-pink-striped mane. She is a doctor of genetics of both the Equestrian Conspiracy and The Defenders, relating important information from both groups. Both Shadow Blade and Silver Shield think she is spying on the other organization for personal gain.


Dr. Cross lived most of her life in Ponyville, and decided to become a genetic doctor aiming to cure diasese. She also does scientific work, like creating antidotes and chemicals to benefit the groups. Her main talents lie in genetics, but she is also adept at chemistry, biology, and physics.

Powers and abilities

Double Cross is one of the top scientists in Ponyville. Double Cross is also a skilled spy. Her small frame allows her to sneak around without being noticed, and her persuasion skills convince Shadow and Silver to honestly believe her. Double Cross is smart as well as sneaky. She persuades people to do things they normally wouldn't, and she is a renowned geneticist.


Shadow Blade

Double Cross would respect Shadow much more if he wasn't so one-track minded.  She thinks he can use his intellect for much better things than the EC. She sometimes provides him with scientific help, as to not arouse suspicion.

Silver Shield

Double Cross admires Silver's persistance and integrity, but again thinks he is focusing on the wrong things. She has a secret crush on him, and helps him more than is necessary for her cover not to be blown.

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