Double Helix is an Earth Pony that lives in Ponyville and is the boyfriend of Daisy Button.

Double Helix
Double Helix
Kind Earth Pony
Sex Male
Occupation Student
Eyes Green
Mane Darker Orange
Coat Lighter Orange
Cutie mark
Hour Glass with a Double Helix
Owner Aniju Aura


Double Helix is a smart orange Earth Pony with green eyes. He is extremely smart but mostly enjoys learning about DNA, evolution and how the environment affects life forms. He isn't very nerdy and enjoys an active life rather than spending time reading. In fact he rather do field work that be suck behind a desk.

His Cutie Mark is an a strand of DNA in the shape of an Hourglass.


Double Helix was born in Ponyville and spent his whole life there. He was one of the last in his school to earn his Cutie Mark. He later started a relationship with a childhood friend named Daisy Button, whom he knew from school. Double Helix currently attends a scientific school.


  • Because he is an scientist pony, his name comes from the shape that DNA takes the form of, a double helix.
  • Double Helix was created for a role play on DeviantArt.
  • Double Helix's theme song is a techno song that bears his name, Double Helix by JD Babokon, which help spark the idea for the character.