Dreamwalkers: Dear Diary is the third chapter of a fanfiction by KleptoBrony, and follows Princess Luna through an entry in her diary. This chapter is set about a week after the last chapter, Ethereal, and a few years before the banishment of Luna in the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic storyline.

(Author's note: This chapter will be a bit shorter than typical chapters in Dreamwalkers. I'll try to keep future chapters around the same length as the chapter before this one, but some chapters may have shortened lengths. If that happens at some times, sorry about that.)


Dear Diary...

I write by the light of the moon tonight. It seems as if it was only last night that I started a new journal. I suppose nighttime is one of the best times for me to gather my thoughts. Writing about my life by the starlight has always seemed as natural to me as breathing, and it brings me a feeling of peace and contentment that I enjoy. But right now, I am almost shaking with nervousness. What I am about to write are secrets that I must keep from everypony, even my sister, for a long time. I must never let this diary fall into the wrong hooves. But should my foals ever need to know what I am about to write, I must leave this book open to them. Time is running out; I must hide these secrets elsewhere, soon.

My sister is still away on her dignitary trip. I hope she is doing fine. But for now, it is well that she is away... Back here in Equestria, I guard a secret that I must protect. Next to me is a crib, and next to that, three more. Four foals... There will soon be more of them. They were all parentless. Not anymore.

Only two ponies currently know about the foals, other than I: Lucid and Vega, whom I consider to be two of my most loyal and trustworthy bodyguards. They are spirited young stallions, but they will protect the foals with their lives.

I cannot keep my foals in the castle for long. Here, their existence is a fragile secret that could soon be discovered. Instead, I have chosen to move them out of the castle entirely; I will make time to raise them, secretly, somewhere else. It will be a place nopony will be able to find unless he knows where to look.

Goodnight, diary. I will take care of this later. I have some ponies to talk their dreams.

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