Dreamy Daze

Dreamy Daze

Kind Unicorn
Sex Female
Occupation Dream Interpreter
Eyes Light Purple
Mane Purple, pale purple
Coat Pale blue
Nicknames Dreamy, Daze
Relatives Stellar Wish, Nightlight, Dreamcatcher
Cutie mark
Thought Cloud with a Heart
Voice TBA
Owner Hamclub13
 Dreamy Daze is a female unicorn from Tanuma. She works as a dream interpreter in the heart of the town. Although she takes her job seriously, she tends to daydream a lot. Her cutie mark is a dream cloud with a heart, signifying her talent for dream interpretation and her love for her family and friends.


Dreamy is a pale blue unicorn with a wavy mane. Her mane and tail are mostly a solid purple, with a few streaks of a paler colour coming through. She has purple eyes too. Her cutie mark is a heart inside of a dream cloud.


Dreamy is an optimistic pony, but finds it hard to take anything seriously. She is constantly going off on a tangent, but loves all.


Filly & Cutie Mark

As a filly, Daze and her mother, Dreamcatcher had to take care of the whole family. Stellar Wish was very young at that point, only a few months old. Their father, Nightlight, was extremely sick. The doctors didn't know what was wrong with him, so Dreamy and her mother had to take care of him. One night, Nightlight had a terrible nightmare. It depicted him spreading this disease to his entire family. Daze was woken by his moaning and such. Her father was still asleep, but she knew she had to help him. She touched her horn against his head and could see his dream. Once he had awoken, Dreamy Daze explained that his dream meant he was worried about his family and how they would cope without him. Her cutie mark appeared and Nightlight slowly recovered from the disease now known as Nightmitis after a week.







  • Her name can be interpreted as "Dreamy Days", refleting her habit of daydreaming.

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