Drew Silversmith
Drew Silversmith


Violet purple


Light gray with white spots


Light brown



Cutie mark

Pencil & scroll paper

Special talent

Sketching pictures

Powers & abilities

Average flyer


Unknown- raised in cloudsdale flight academey

Drew Silversmith is a pegasus who works at the Cloudsdale weather factory, making snowflakes. He was abandoned at birth, left to be raised by the staff at the Cloudsdale flight academey. His cutie mark shows a pencil next to a piece of paper, his special talent being sketching art. At night he takes his cloud loft to patrol the city.


Drew is an empathizing person, often taking one's actions seriously. This makes him stick out from his usual crowd, though they don't mind this factor of his personality.


Drew is a fast learner. At a young age he took an interest in art, and can create perfectly shaped snowflakes. He can fly with average capabilities being a pegasus.

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