Duskora is a Pony.                                                                                               

Made Using Pony Maker on DeviantART.

Basic Info

Name: Duskora

Gender: Female

Species: Pony

Role: Background Pony


Since Duskora is a Background Pony, it isn't Really "Confirmed" What Her Personality is Like. But Her "Poses" in the Background Make Her Look Kind of Like a Bossy, Happy & Determined Type Personality. She Appears in Most of the Races in the Show, And Competes in Them, And Usually Comes About 3rd-7th.



  • Her Cape is There to Cover Her Hide, Which Has No Cutie Mark Yet, & She's Afraid That Everyone Would Tease Her if She Didn't Have Her Cape on to Show That She Has No Cutie Mark.
  • Apparently,  Duskora is Based Off of Fang99999's (My Animal Jam Account) Animal Jam Character, "Victory Thehorse".

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