Dylan Silverweed is the Head Geneticist for the DeathTone Organization.

Dylan Silverweed
Dylan Silverweed
Kind Pegasus
Sex Hermaphrodite
Occupation Head Scientist of Genetics
Eyes Deep Blue
Mane Dark Brown
Coat Brown
Cutie mark
Owner Aniju Aura


Dylan is a brown coated pegasuse with dark brown hair, almost black, and deep blue eyes. Dylan is a little insane and morbid. He is very cruel and doesn't show mercy or pitty for his test subject. Dylan enjoys learning how the body works, especially of other live forms and prefers to work with live subjects. He had George built him  machine that would keep his test subjects alive while he preforms experiments on them. He has an odd relationship with Kine but doesn't like Snotbubble.


Dylan arrived in Equestria with the rest of the DeathTones. He didn't like it at first till he saw an opportunity to gather some new test subjects.


  • Dylan is named after a meerkat from the Zappa Mob. His last name comes from a character in the book Watership Down.