Elemental Box
Regal Flame Box
Regal Flame Box.The two other boxes will come later
Kind 3 boxes that can trasform the Pony Owner.
Creator Ceryneia Firefly
Owner The Elements Hearts
 The Elementals Boxes, are small boxes that belong to the Elementals Ponies:Regal Flame for the Fire Box,Crystaline Waters for the Water Box,Fancy Starlight for the Star Box.


Each box came from a ordinairy event to a great discovery.

Fire Box

Regal found the Box in a ramble, wich give her special abilities.

Water Box

Crystalline found the Water box while playing at the beach, wich give her special abilities

Star Box

Fancy found the Star box in a firework party,falling form the skies.

Box Stoler

Yuna Vortex , a member of the Zakerloid, decided to stole the Boxes to create a new box, the Vortex Box.Her plan have been destroyed by the Elemental Trio.

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