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Elements Within
Elements Within New






Cloud Spark, Harth, Moon Dancer, Cryla, Hazel, and K.B.



Still Being Made


Elements Within is about six ponies learning about friendship and writing down their lessons each day in a note book.



  1. Cloud Spark
  2. Hazel
  3. Harth
  4. Cryla
  5. K.B.
  6. Moon Dancer

Secondary Characters

  1. Athena
  2. Athlea
  3. Abella


  1. Kiwi
  2. Broken Shards
  3. Pink Sapphire

Season 1




The Shimmering Falls

Friendship is Magic

21 years after the Falls was turned to stone, The Elements Within go to the Kingdom to restore it. A spirit named Frost tells them the only way to lift the spell is to go through the Crystal Labrinth.

Each element within must give up something important to them in order to lift the spell.

Cryla must give up her creativity.

Moon Dancer must give up her memories.

K.B. is offered a chance to talk to her mother again, to hug her and have a mother again but gives it up saying that if she had what see wanted the Shimmering Falls would fall.

Hazel must give up her hearing

Harth must give up her sight

Cloud Spark must give up her bravery and leadership.

When the Kingdom was restored, a stained glass window is formed showing the ponies saving the kingdom. Also a book pops out revealing the current heir to the throne of the Kingdom, Layla. At the same time, the item they had to give up comes back to them because it was a mear test for to see if they were werethy of holding the spell.

Cloud Spark and her new friends return to Ponyville, then when Princess Luna shows up Cloud Spark tells her that she wants to stay in Ponyville badly. Luna then tasks her to watch over the citizens of Ponyville instead of returning to Canterlot. Hazel then offers that she can live with her. Princess Luna then tasks the ponies in finding Layla, the new heir to the throne.

3 Roomate Troubles
After finally moving her stuff into K.B.'s house, Cloud Spark spends her first night in her new home. During this first night, Cloud Spark realizes K.B. is a difficult roomate. Will she be able to live with her friend anymore or will she have to leave.
4 Trottingham Univesity Past is Past, Doesn't mean you must relive it
Moon Dancer is sent a letter inviting her to a high school reuinon at Trottingham University. It is then revealed that Moon Dancer was diffrerent before, thus Moon Dancer tells the girls about her teen years. In the end she ends up throws out the invite saying "Past is Past, Doesn't mean I must relive it"
5 Perfect Pet Don't judge a book by its cover
After the gate of Tartarus was no longer need or to be protected, Cloud Spark found the Cerberus wondering
Cloud Spark and Luther
around the Everfree forest in need of a home. Cloud Spark and him instantly bonded thus Cloud Spark taking home 
Cerberus to Ponyville, this causes much panic thoughout Ponyville. When she reaches her and Feathermay's house, Feathermay becomes ferurious saying that she can't believe Cloud Spark. She then furiously insults the Cerberus whom Cloud Spark names Luther. Luther then runs away upset and Cloud Spark runs inside upset. Feathermay tries to talk to her but is shunned. Feathermay then sneaks out to find Luther and suceeds. She tells him that Cloud Spark misses him and that she is sorry. Luther then returns home with one problem, he can't fit. Cloud Spark then calls Princess Luna who then shrinks Luther to the size of Winnona.
6 The Evil Three
Kiwi, Broken Shards, and Pink Sapphire. They despise the Elements Within . Their goal is to take over Equestria. The duo show up to Ponyville at night to attempt to steal Harth's Shard of The Crystal Heart. As they get in her house they try to grab the heart, which burns them leaving a mark. Soon as they return to their hide out they open a book writing about Harth and the other ponies.
7 K.B.'s Mystery
When K.B.'s priceless record by "The Rolling Horse Shoes" goes missing, she sets out to find the theif.
8 Gold Heart? Resposibility and Control are important
Cryla discovers that she has a sister, Gold Heart. She seeks to find her, uncovering that she is missing.
9 Harth's Birthday
As Harth's birthday quickly approaches, her parents try to plan a large crazy party for her, she and her friends try to throw a small one just like she wanted.
10 Finding Layla Part 1
The girls seek more leads into finding Layla.
11 Finding Layla Part 2
The Elements Within finally find Layla, only for Layla to be kidnapped.

Equestria Girls: Elements Within

Main Artical: Equestria Girls: Elements Within

When King Sombra pushes the friends through the mirror then smashes it, they must find a way to get back before Sombra takes over the Crystal Empire and at the same time he smashes Harth's shard of the Crystal Heart. 

When Cloud Spark, K.B., Moon Dancer, Cryla, and Hazel go to visit Harth, while in the Crystal Empire the spirit of King Sombra becomes so powerful he is able to a take a form of a pony. Sombra then takes the 6 and pushes them through the mirror while grabbing Harth's Crystal heart. When he snatches it, it burns him since he is not pure of heart then smashes it along with the mirror.

The ponies then find them selves as human in a courtyard. At the same time, an Equestria Girls version of Thunderlane helps them all up. Thunderlane then shows a like to Cloud Spark, much like his pony form.

When inside the ponies are then confronted by a group of human who split them up in to cliques. Moon Dancer hangs out with the Fashionista people, Cryla hangs out with the artist people, Feathermay hangs out with the theater people, K.B. hangs out with the rockers, Peppermint hangs out with the Eco-Kids, and Cloud Spark with the athletes. Harth is then escorted out of the building because she belongs at Crystal Empire High. As Sunset Shimmer sees all of this go down, she tries to help reunite the friends, and sucessfully does.

Harth then tells her about the Crystal Heart, Sunset then answers that the school seal contains a gem that then can use to get home and repair the heart. To do so, they must lift the sprits of the students and end the rivalery between Canterlot High and Crystal Empire High.

Sunset only asks for one thing in return, to return to Equestria with them and seek Celestia's guidence and become a better pony.

Season 2




Goodbye Ponyville?

Luna tells Cloud Spark that she will be returning to Canterlot, leaving her Ponyville life behind.
Do You Know You Are My Very Best Friends?

Cloud Spark and Her Friends

5 Hearth's Warming Eve Special
As the holidays approach, the ponies become bitter and Equestria's greatest fear returns, the Windigos. Princess Luna  must reunite the friends to charge the staff of Hearths Warming when Princess Celestia's body is taken over and tell lies to everypony. The ponies must also free the Keeper of The Hearth's Warming Staff, Peppermint who is a hyper pegasus.
6 Sibling Bonding
Lightning Dust and Comet Tail descide that their kids dont spend much time together, and descide to the kids go on a road trip together. Along the way Cloud Spark and Star Dusk begin learning things about each other they didn't know.
7 Moon Book
When Moon Dancer's book is published on the Crystal Empire, one pony calls her out saying its all lies.
8 K.B. and Moon Dancer: THE MUSICAL
K.B. and Moon Dancer don't get along very well due to being opposites, but on a camping trip in the Everfree Forest the two must find their way home together. Songs from the musical Wicked are sung throughout the episode.
9 Crystal Gala
Full Article 
10 The Test of Leadership Part 1
Cloud Spark's friends get into a large fight and decided that maybe they shouldn't be friends. The girls return to their lives before meeting each other, losing touch with their element. Cloud Spark must find and reunite the friends before their connection with the Elements Within are gone forever.
11 The Test of Leadership Part 2
Cloud Spark reunites the friends, but their elements no longer work, and the girls start to become more discorded. In order to save her friends and the elements, Cloud Spark must sacrfice everything to bring the magic back.

Elements Within: Rainbow Rocks

Evil Cloud Spark 2

Cloud Spark When Possessed

Princess Luna sends The Elements Within to go after Broken Shards, Kiwi, and Pink Sapphire after they gothrough the portal to the human world. Unlike usual, the trio have new tricks and spells up their sleves, by hypnotising humans. Upon arriving, the girls decided to reunite with their friends from their last visit. K.B. talks with Mystery Mint who tells her about the competion and The Dazzlings. Moon Dancer finds out that The Dazzlings taught the trio how to mind control people. Meanwhile, they bump into Cloud Spark, who becomes hypnotised by them and becomes their servant. Cloud Spark turns on her friends and its up to them to help her.

Season 3





3 Fitting In
Cloud Spark and the girls, who all now live in Astrolia, start to get situated in the new land.
4 Trottingham Gal
Moon Dancer and the rest of the ponies get it to a giant fight, Moon Dancer then says that she doesn't need them and leaves Ponyville. She returns to Trottingham and becomes the talk of the town, she becomes popular then starts to becomes board of everyone there, and wishes to go home. She sing her own version of Becoming Popular, then goes home.
5 Helping Hand
6 Blossomforth
Blossomforth the obsessive ex-girlfriend of Thunderlane returns to Ponyville and finds that Thunderlane likes Cloud Spark. With that info she plans to ruin Cloud Sparks life...
9 Royal Fun

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